Women Over 40 Growing Strong Together

Welcome to Women Growing Strong.  I built this community to support women in their mission to conquer fat over the age of 40.  As women we have it tough.  We naturally store fat easier than our male counterparts and combine that with babies and metabolic slow-down as we age, well, it’s no wonder we need support!

Hi, I’m Althea

I guide 40+ aged women who have a strong desire to reshape their bodies through a step-by-step method that focuses on decision, behavior and consistency.  I teach and speak on the dangers of extreme thinking and behavior.  I combine my expertise with a love of “all things kitchen” by teaching the magic and ease of simple and delicious food preparation and planning.

I don’t know when the last time was that I felt so GOOD. I started the Sugar Rescue less than two weeks ago and I can already see and feel the changes in my body. My concern with starting the program was how to lower my fruit consumption. I remember telling Althea, “How will I be regular if I stop eating fruit?” A week later, I went from eating 4 servings of fruit per day to one or two apples per week. I have WAY more energy and a much more clear mind. Thank you, Althea, for helping me get healthier AND happier!

Donna Hall

I said yes to working with Althea because I wanted to join a program that I could do day in and day out without doing anything radical.  During my program, I learned the importance of planning ahead.  I also learned that consistency is everything and fat loss isn’t about strict diets or big changes.  I can do little things and get BIG results.  I lost 7 pounds in a very short amount of time.  My biggest takeaway was realizing that I put everyone and everything ahead of ME.  I no longer order food out every day and this new lifestyle has me feeling very full, which is great.  Busy women, yo-yo dieters and women who want to learn sustainable eating habits are ideal for a program like this, especially if you want to achieve your goals without drastic measures and strict eating plans.  Thank you, Althea!

Susan Heldt

I needed accountability when I met Althea, and I figured her program would help me with that.  I found the experience to be very supportive.  One habit I finally broke was buying breakfast every day and became much more conscious of what I was eating.  The advice she gave me is great and I learned a ton about how to make better choices and identify the right portion sizes.  I am now able to manage my cravings instead of grabbing that cookie!

Donna Clark